Want to Improve Your Online Presence? Here Are 3 Ways to Do So

As the old saying goes, it's not what you say but how you say it. When it comes to being successful in business and creating and fostering a strong online presence, how we present ourselves as companies and brands is crucial. For those who are new in business, this is especially true.

The online world can be intimidating, and there are so many ways to engage with customers online. Where to start? Check out this list of three great ways to build and boost your business's online presence.

Experiment with Video

According to Cisco's annual Visual Network Index (VNI) forecast, video traffic will make up as much as 80 percent of all internet traffic by 2021.

Last year, video dominated both consumer and business internet traffic. Millions of minutes of footage streamed through networks each second. Whether it's video-on-demand, internet video, file sharing, gaming or video conferencing, video content is a major player. With 65 percent of people saying they'd rather watch a video than read text, video lets you distribute information your audience wants in a format that they prefer.

If your presence online is currently low-key, video can give it a boost and let potential clients know that you're out there. Video can be used to populate blogs, social media pages and websites to show visitors your expertise. Once video is a central part of your online marketing efforts, why not establish a YouTube channel? Did you know that YouTube, which is owned by Google, is the world's second largest internet search engine?

Take Advantage of Google Business

Free and simple to use, Google My Business is a powerful tool for organizations and businesses. By verifying and maintaining your business information, Google My Business helps customers find you and gives them the exact information about your business that they're seeking.

Google My Business offers small businesses an incredible marketing opportunity that attracts more than a billion unique users every month. If you run a physical store, offer physical products or are in the food industry, you need to know that attracting local customers is one of Google My Business' very best attributes. You need to make sure your listing looks good and stands out. Simply follow Google's guidelines, and you're all set.

Why is Google My Business so great?

  • It's free to use.

  • It uses Google maps and GPS technology to help customers easily find your location.

  • It identifies the crucial information that potential customers are seeking about your business.

  • It helps improve your visibility in Google, the internet's largest search engine.

  • It allows you to encourage and respond to reviews.

Completely Optimize Your Website

Just having a website isn't good enough with the fierce competition businesses face in today's online market. Your website must load fast and look good across any and all computers and devices, including smartphones. Your products or services must be easy to find or buy. And you must provide your audience with a secure online experience to protect their data and yours.

Your website's speed is vital because studies show that most internet users expect a website to load within three seconds. If it fails to do this, they'll move on to another website. Also, Google's "speed update" in July 2018 let website owners know that loading speed is an important factor in their ranking algorithm.

With more than 52 percent of all internet traffic coming from mobile devices in 2018, having a website that's efficient and attractive when it's viewed on a smartphone is a must.

A strong online presence helps you find new potential customers and grow your online audience along with your conversion rate. The right online presence gives businesses a way to personally interact with everyday people to inspire loyalty and instill brand confidence.